Each project is geared to a specific ECE track so that you can get a glimpse of what each track entails. To participate in our Fall and Spring projects, all members are required to join our Slack channel.

Can't attend a meeting? Don't worry! You can view the Zoom recordings for Software, Embedded Systems, and Data Science Project meetings here.

Software Engineering Project 1 - "Philips Hue IoT" (Fall 2021)

In this project, students will learn how to control a Philips Hue light bulb through a GUI remote controller that they create in Python. This project is focuses on teaching core principles of Python and how seamless it is to use multitude technologies and API’s through it. The project will have an IoT element namely the Philips Hue light bulb; it will also have a GUI component to it which will encompass the interactive controller for the light bulb. Students will learn basic Python, how to use external libraries, how to use API’s, how to create a GUI for the program, and more!

Embedded Systems Project 1 - "Computer Vision" (Fall 2021)

For the first project, we will delve deeper into edge detection and image processing using the Sobel filter and deploy our own implementation to a Raspberry Pi. Afterwards, we will spend considerable time learning more about various sensors and how to interface with them using a microcontroller. The goal is that as we go through these projects, we will build a collection of drivers and libraries which can be used for more complex systems and projects!

Data Science/ML project 1 - "Spotify Suggestion Model" (Fall 2021)

We will build, train, test, and improve an ML model that uses the Spotify API (which provides audio features/characteristics) to predict song recommendations based on existing playlist preferences and listening habits. The model will take a user’s playlist/library, quantify each song’s favorability based on global popularity and relative frequency (ie. play count), and then select a few songs out a of a large random sample whose features align with those of highly favorable songs.

UT Ticket Exchange

A project we previously worked on was the UT Ticket Exchange. Our goal was to design a web application that can help fellow students buy and sell tickets for sporting events throughout the semester. Many Big Ticket holders have difficulty finding buyers for their football game tickets. A streamlined platform exclusively for students can help speed up this process. The UT Ticket Exchange is an org-wide project that will be developed by a team of about 20 members who will rotate through tasks to learn all key skills. The project will be feature-rich and emulate the type of work and team-based coding environment that you would experience in an internship but with a much lower time commitment!

Read the full project outline here.