The IEEE Computer Society at The University of Texas at Austin works to connect students who are highly interested in the field of computer engineering with companies who can provide insight to this industry. We find it extremely important that students be exposed to real world engineering projects, and assisting them in this endeavour is an essential part of what we do.

Contact Information




President: Kedar Raman - President@ieeecs.ece.utexas.edu
Corporate Liaison: Albert Bautista - corporateliaison@ieeecs.ece.utexas.edu
Publicity Coordinator: Carlos Villapudua - Publicitycoordinator@ieeecs.ece.utexas.edu
Project Manager: Venkata Ravila - Projectmanager@ieeecs.ece.utexas.edu
Events Coordinator: Jovin Joseph - eventscoordinator@ieeecs.ece.utexas.edu
Webmaster: Ashkan Vafaee - Webmaster@ieeecs.ece.utexas.edu
Treasurer: Ashkan Vafaee - Treasurer@ieeecs.ece.utexas.edu